Monday, May 12, 2008

My mother's day....

Most of you know that I work overnight on the weekends so I work at 10:15p and usually am home by 8am the next morning. During the night (Sat/Sun) Nick sent me a text telling me to turn on my van when I came home in the morning-and just sit and listen. When I got home I found that he had made me a CD of songs that remind him of me, or one's that have special memories for us--like the song-one boy, one girl-which was the first song we danced to at EFY! It's been "our song" ever since. Anyway, I sat in the van and bawled my eyes out for about 20 min listening to as many songs as I could before going in to get ready for church (we were late because of it, but that's ok!!!) It totally touched my heart to hear the lyrics to each song and to know that he believes that those specific one's related in some way to who I am-and how I treat him! I felt VERY loved!!!

We all went to church together but after church I found out that Preston's diaper leaked so Nick didn't wait to walk home with me-he went ahead with the both kids. (We only live 9 houses away from our church so we usually walk--so much fun!!!) I got home to a VERY excited Ashleigh who helped Nick tell me that we were going to play hot/cold to find my mother's day present. After some time, I found it--a 2lb box of see's candy and a couple of cards!

Ok, I just have to note here---one of the things I LOVE about Nick is that anytime he gives me a card---for my birthday, mother's day, anniversary, whatever-he ALWAYS writes a little note "from Christian" for me-so our first born is NEVER forgotten and helps me feel like he is still a part of all these special events. I love that so much!!!! (Thank you, honey!)

Anyway---Preston and Ashleigh are just as obsessed with Chocolate as I am-heaven help them-so they were more than willing to help me dig in to my chocolate! I think they have each had twice as many pieces as I have had! That's ok though, It's fun to share with them.

I was having such a great day with my family that I didn't want to ruin it with sleep-so I only closed my eyes for an hour and then we went to dinner at the Call's. By the time I crawled in to bed last night it was close to midnight and I realized that except for my small nap, I had been awake for 32 hours! pfew! I am really tired today, but after such a great day-it was all worth it!

Plus-I finally used my birthday present gift certificate and went and got a massage today! ahhhhhhh....that was SO long over due!!!!!! (Thank you, honey---again!)

What a great mother's day!!!

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