Monday, May 19, 2008

An exciting night of work

Saturday night when I went to work I was half expecting an uneventful night. My nights are always different so I never know what to expect. We are usually more busy Sat nights than any other and since it's getting warmer out, people are usually out later-once it starts cooling off. We got REALLY busy...we had only 3 cashiers on at 11pm and all 3 lines were backed up at least 15 customers long. I panicked a little, but was able to get a few more employees off the floor who are trained to cashier to help us out. We got the lines down pretty quickly.
Then, I got a text that Betsie was going to be having her babies so I was anxiously awaiting the news about that.
Then the power went out in the store for about 15 seconds---not a long time, but enough for me to once again panic a little. Only 1 customer was affected by it, but all was well.
Then I had to "stalk" a customer for over 2 hours (she was shopping in our store from 1215am-430am!) Thankfully nothing was stolen-that we could see-and we all jumped for joy once she left. What a life, I mean seriously-to be in wal-mart for over 4 hours!!! ugh.
Then I got news that the twins-Jennidee and Emma-had been born--both very healthy and they weighed 5 lbs 10 oz each. Betsie was doing really well too. I was over joyed and couldn't wait to talk to Betsie when I got off work that morning.
Then, as the morning shift was arriving and I was finishing up my work a fellow employee "interrogated" me about the bruising, etc on my arm-she made me feel like I was a drug user-I gave blood on Friday, but I started clotting before I was done so they dug around for a bit trying to get the blood to start flowing again. It didn't, but now it looks very suspicious. ugh.
Oh yeah, I was also invited to a female impersonation pageant by a group of gay guys who were going to be in the pageant. ha ha. I didn't go, but I do think it would have been lots of fun!
Overall, It was a fun night at work.

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