Monday, April 27, 2009

Albertsons--Couponing #2

After I went to Walgreens, I went down the street to Albertsons. They were having some pretty good sales so I shopped those sales and used coupons on at least 98% of this stuff. My items included--11 boxes of cereal, 6 Totinos pizza rolls, 12 boxes of fruit snacks, 7 Maree Calendar dinners, and a whole lot of other goodies-including a lunchable for Ashleigh's field trip tomorrow.

My initial total was $202!!! After running my discount card and using all my coupons, my final total was only $76!!! I saved $122....that's a 60% savings!

For those of you wondering...we DO buy lots of fruits and veggies too...on Wednesday's in Provo there is a grocery store called the Buy Low Market...they have AMAZING deal on produce! For example--4lbs of apples for $1, 8 lbs of carrots for $1, 6 Romaine Lettuce for $1.99, etc...I go there at least a few times a month! There is also a great place here called the Sunflower Market where everyday is great produce sales!


arah said...

funny, I am heading over to Albertsons after I'm done looking at some blogs. I may have the same pic as you, if I were to take a pic.

Josh n Betsie said...

that is awesome