Monday, April 27, 2009

Old Friends....

Do you have a friend who has touched your life in a way that can't be described?

Who, whenever you see them, instantly makes you feel happier and full of joy?

Someone who makes you feel loved, appreciated, adored, and missed....?

I do.

Growing up, I was not the "popular" girl...I had friends, but I only had 3 or 4 really close friends. These were the girls who made me feel the best about myself. We always wanted to spend time together. there was always a close bond there. All of them are polar opposites of myself-and each other, and yet, we blend so well together...and fit together perfectly! These are the girls I had hoped to never lose contact with over the years. Unfortunately, in life, people fall away or move away and friendships end--for no good reason!

I have been VERY fortunate recently to have become reacquainted with 2 of these friends I have so long since missed! They both have filled my heart with so much joy and I long to see them again! I don't know when...or IF I will ever be able to reunite with them again, but I hope and pray that that day will come!

I miss them so much.

I miss our friendships.

I miss that bond we once had.

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