Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter dinner & hunt

We went to Nick's parents house for Easter dinner. It was the usual--Ham and Grandma Lowe's is my favorite dinner that we have there! I brought a green salad and I made an Apple pie and a Lemon Meringue pie. Yum....

the lemon pie turned out a little more wet than I wanted it, and with all the turns and stops we made on our way to the Calls, it kinds of spilled out a little. but it still tasted good!

After dinner the Easter bunny came and hid eggs out in their yard. The kids had SO much fun hunting for them.

Nick and Randy watching the festivities....
My adorable Ashleigh!
Daddy and Ashleigh

Daddy and Preston

After the egg hunt, we did a little craft project.... We made bunnies out of Marshmallows!
At least, that was the plan! Lol. Some of us were more creative than others.

Quinns bunny in a (thong) bikini

My bunny-not creative at all-on the left. Nick decided to make the "Playboy bunny" Ha ha


Preston just thought it was fun to stab a marshmallow with a lot of toothpicks

Everyone's final bunnies--Top Row: ?, Prestons, Prestons
Bottom Row: mine, Ashleighs, Mine, Quinns
It was a really fun Easter!

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