Thursday, April 23, 2009


My mom went to Vancouver--my home sweet home--to see my sister and help out there. I was SO jealous...I wanted to go SO bad!

She went and saw our old house...long story shory, but the new owners of the house have pretty much made it an "open floor plan"...many walls torn down, wood floor is gone, cabinets painted, fruit trees removed, etc... They are going to send pictures of the inside, but I don't know if I really want to see them. I have very fond memories of the house I was raised in. I think seeing it different would hurt.

here is my mom with Emily's girls--Avery is 2 and Bridget is 5. They are such beautiful girls! I miss them so much!

My mom also went to see Christian's grave. The grass had grown over quite a lot and it was pretty dirty. She did her best to clean it off--with out any garden tools and put a pinwheel in the ground. moving to Utah was hardest for me knowing that I was leaving him behind... hopefully someday we can move back.

I am hoping to take a trip to Vancouver in early November....I hope!

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arah said...

that was sweet of your mom to visit Christian's grave and clean it off for him. If I ever visit my uncles that live that way, I will have to go visit his grave too. I bet it made you a bit teary eyed to see it again.
Love you and think of you guys often.