Thursday, April 9, 2009

A gathering at Toni's

Last Sunday we went to Aunt Toni's house for a Call/Kunz family gathering. Uncle Chris and Aunt Sylvia were driving through from Arizona heading back to Spokane. they were in Arizona for Clacie and Mike's wedding reception. It was great to see them all again!

Gathered around the island full of YUMMY food!!!
L to R--Clacie, Lindsay, Cody, Cindy, J, Christopher

Laurie and Corey

Christopher with Conner, and Corey

Uncle Chris, Randy, and baby Keely
My hubby Nick...

Preston. He was very occupied looking at all of Toni and Ken's (model) airplanes and cars and bossing Conner around.

The siblings--Juli, Toni, and Chris

My sweet Ashleigh enjoying her pulled pork sandwich. YUM

Lindsay, J, Randy

Mommy Lindsay and her adorable baby Keely

The newlywed couple--Mike and Clacie
Ah, young love!


Ashleigh holding Keely...She LOVES that sweet baby!
she is 10 weeks old and weighs only 11 oz more than Christian did at birth!

Nick and Keely...Ahhh...cute!

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hakesfam said...

Thanks for blogging this! I was too busy fussing around and visiting to take any pictures. GOOD TIMES!!!