Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Megs Dark Day...

Yesterday was a really hard day for me.
I was having my own personal challenges and frustrations.
I don't like who I have been the past few months... I had a meltdown last night with Nick.
And again with my mom today.
I just needed to let it out.
Get the tears out!!
Write out my feelings in my journal.
And move on!
Which I did...I am moving on.
Nick and I have talked and made some decisions and things are going to change around here. Hopefully, my work will respond well to my new decisions and help me achieve it.
I need this for me.
I need this for my kids.
I need this to be a good wife and mom.
And that's all the details you are going to get from me....
I just need some prayers that when I go to work tomorrow to talk to my boss, he will be receptive and understanding to my needs.

I hope!


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

How'd it go with the boss??? Let me know what happened. Hang in there, dear! Love you. mom

Anonymous said...

You always have my prayers. Always!!!