Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Belated Christmas present

My parents requested NO gifts for them for Christmas this last year. Instead, they asked to be invited over for a special dinner where they are the guest of honor. It took me a long time before I felt able to do it, but last week I was finally able to have them over and cook them dinner.

I made my "famous" Risotto

Ashleigh set the table all by herself!

After dinner, Ashleigh gave her "Melbourne, Australia" presentation...it's a school project we have been working on together for a few weeks--its due on Monday, and she'll present it to her class in May.

My dad and Preston watching the presentation

After the presentation, Ash wanted to dance!
Mom danced with her first

Then my dad danced with her

And my mom danced with Preston...swung him around, mainly. :)
Then we just sat around and visited for a bit. It was a very pleasant evening and I know I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Thanks for coming to dinner mom and dad! We love you!

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