Saturday, July 18, 2009

amazing....people are crazy

I have a work story for you.

At about 130am, 2 guys came to my register and asked to buy some Cigarettes (Camel Lights). I asked for both ID's. (They looked to be with in about 5 years in age of each other) The 1st guys said he had his, but (pointing to his "friend") he doesn't have his, he's underage. I said, well I can't sell them to you then...
Him: Are you serious?
Me: Ya, sorry!
Him: ok, well what if he leaves? (the friend starts backing up)
Me: Nope, sorry, I already know he is with you, so even if he left I couldn't sell it to you.
Him: What if I leave and then come back?
Me: Sorry! I would still know its you and this same situation still applies. (or something like that)
Him: (rolls his eyes, gets very irritated) Fine! (and walks away!)

Then at about 215am this guy comes back--alone--and asks me for cigarettes (Camel Lights). I stood my ground!
Me: Nope, sorry, I can't sell them to you!
Him: you have got to be kidding me! (VERY upset now!) Why not? I took my little brother home and now I'm back, alone. You are supposed to sell me the cigarettes now!
Me: I am not going to sell them to you, but I can get my manager for you and you can see if he will sell them to you?
Him: Ya, why don't you do that! (Teeth clenched together, arms folded and walks a little bit away from me)

I call my manager--he comes up and they talk-I only hear bits and pieces

Another customer came up at the same time as they were talking. He asks for cigarettes (Grand Prix) I get his ID-it's fine, I sell them to him. He also overhears the conversation between my manager and the other customer--he seems humored by it.

My manager backs me up and tells the guy we won't be selling him the cigarettes. The man, pissed off, begins walking out of the store...he falls in line with my 2nd customer who bought the Grand Prix cigarettes...they talk for a second and then I see the guy who bought the Grand Prix's coming back. My manager was gone by now, but 2 of my co-workers were there--Alma and Glenise. I told them quickly that if the Grand Prix guy tries to buy Camel Lights I won't sell them to him! They agreed.

The Grand Prix guy comes back up to me and says: I need to buy another pack of cigarettes.
Me: Don't tell me you are going to try to buy cigarettes for that guy are you?
Him: Uh, no, I'm buying them for my friend (Thats a big NO-NO). I need a pack of Camel Lights!

Ding ding ding ding ding...we've got an idiot amongst us!
Johnny tell him what he's won!?!
And that's exactly what he got!

Me: Are you serious? You're really trying to buy Camel Lights? That's the same kinds the other guy wanted to buy and I just saw you talking to him! I am not going to sell them to you!
Him: Why not? It's not for that guy, it's just for my friend.
Me: Because, the fact that you are buying the cigarettes for anyone other than you means it's a 3rd-party sale and that's against the law! There is no way I am going to sell them to you. You are welcome to go to one of the many gas stations around here still open and buy what you want from them! But you are not going to get your cigarettes from here!
Him: (I can't remember exactly what he said, but he was pissed, and started spouting off insults and criticisms to me and to my co-workers as he was walking away!)

On my way out, after work the door greeter told me that the Camel Lights guy DID ask the Grand Prix to go back and buy him his cigarettes! Duh, like I didn't already know that!

This incident, along with another one (a co-worker is trying to get me fired, but she didn't show up for work last night...and I found out she was arrested for assault in the city she used to live in) made me decide it would be best to have a manager walk me out to my car after work! Thankfully, my car was still intact and my tires still had air in them, and no one was in the parking lot to "get me", so I was safe!

Just chalk it up to another crazy adrenaline rushed night at work! :-) I love my job! Ha Ha


Tamsen said...

Way to go, Meg. Idiots.

Patrick and Emily said...

I was nervous for you as I was reading that story. I'm glad you will be walked to your car from now on.

Anonymous said...

I have my concealed carry permit now. If you are really in fear, I will come and walk you to your car. I hope you are not listed in the phone book where anyone can find your address. People really are INSANE.... I am proud of you for being tough!

Josh n Betsie said...

you are aweseome. Im proud of you girl

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