Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fingerpainting class

My mom brought Cooper over last week to have a finger painting class with my kids. They started with doing decoupage...each kid picked out a picture of Jesus to glue on to their board that my dad cut and sanded down for them.

Cooper and Preston--Cooper was really in to this art class, while Preston was grumpy from the start!

Then they moved on to the finger painting--with pudding. I originally thought this was a good idea, but once I saw it, I was so grossed out! They would paint and then lick their fingers...Ick!

Ash was really concentrating...her tongue was sticking out the whole time! Ha ha

Still grumpy Preston....sigh...

Cooper had so much fun and really got into it!

Preston finally had to go to the naughty step! He was making me crazy!

The end result... Ashleigh's picture and paintings

Coopers art...he's so proud, I love it!

And Prestons...despite being a pain, he did do some art work.
Thanks mom for all your help!!! :-)


Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

You are welcome, It was totally fun being there with the grands and my wonderful daughter! Love you.

Patrick and Emily said...

Can't wait to see if Preston and Avery get along. Lot's of your posts are about him being grumpy; and Avery can get quite grumpy/attitude-y too. Should be interesting.