Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Korbin Jackson Wade

My childhood friend Vanessa had her second baby today

Korbin Jackson Wade
born at 11:39am (PST).
He weighed 8lbs 5oz and is 21" long.

Vanessa did great and was only in labor for about 14 hours after being induced last night around 10pm. Korbin was born on Tamsen and Todd's wedding anniversary! Korbin's big sister, Liliana, is about 21 months old and her birthday is on the same day as my parents wedding anniversary! What are the chances!?!? :)
Congrats Vanessa, Adam, and Liliana! Welcome Korbin to the world!
I can't wait to meet you!!!


Patrick and Emily said...

Too cute. Guess you'll have to come up north in a few months....to visit her new baby and mine.

Nick and Meg said...

That's my plan! I am really hoping to drive up the first week of November....Would love to be able to be there for this baby's birth too, but it's just so hard to plan that when you do things the "right way" and go in to labor on your own! ;-) I am hoping you have her on like Nov 2...so I can be there...