Thursday, July 2, 2009

More sleeping pics

Both my kids sleep GREAT at night! Preston likes to have his door open and his light on in his room though. The last few nights we've turned his light off after he's asleep and we go to bed, but forgot to close his door too and 2 nights in a row we've found him in bed with Ashleigh in the morning. I guess he goes in there in the middle of the night. Ashleigh doesn't seem to mind.

This morning Preston and Ash were playing dress-up. I think Ash was just dressing up Preston! He is so funny!!!

I took Preston grocery shopping with me while Ash played at a friends house. When we got home I think he was just tuckered out. He cuddled with me hugging my arm and about 3 min later he was sound asleep.
I love my kiddos!


Patrick and Emily said...

That picture of him holding onto your arm is so precious.

Tamsen said...

Preston is a crack-up. Don't worry, Meg (Nick), my boys did dress up like this too!