Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Temple trip

As part of the "Liahona program" my mom set up this year, the grand kids all came to the Mt. Timpanogas Temple to learn about temples. It was so cute seeing them all dressed up in their best clothes and listening intently to mom and dad as they taught them. Cooper and Preston had a hard time holding still for very long, (mainly Preston), but over all they did very good!

The boys getting distracted....
Then we took the kids inside the temple to the waiting room and a temple worker came and talked to the kids more about the temple. I have never seen Preston and cooper sit so quietly and still...it was really impressive!
Then we took the kids back outside again to see all the flowers and we walked all around the temple.

Then we went to a covered area at the nearby church and the kids ate a treat and got to play a little and then each person recorded a little message that will be showed at our upcoming reunion. The kids all had a lot of fun and so did I.


Anonymous said...

Uh ok, the Ballards really do take the cake for the best grandparenting skills. This is very impressive. Darling pictures too.

Josh n Betsie said...

that is awesome...get on it mom..lol

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Thanks for the nice comments, Meg! Great pics! Loved seeing this. Too bad my computer is broken now so I can't download the pics of the Pioneer Cooking class.

And to Juli - but you guys helped with their yard! Good for you!!

Love, Suz/mom