Thursday, July 23, 2009

The yard...Part 2

Part 2 of 3 of our yard project...

Once we decided to just buckle down and get our yard done, things just sort of fell in to place for us. We decided to hydroseed--since it would be about 1/3 of the cost of Sod and it would mean NO labor for nick, me, or our family and friends. One place I called had great prices, but they said they only do farms, not residential. They gave me the number of another place and I called and left them a message. When they called me back they said my call was good timing--a park in Saratoga Springs ordered 8200 sq feet more than they needed and so he had all this extra he needed to get rid of. He gave me a "good" deal--selling it to me for $50 less than their normal price! But, we only need about 3800 sq feet and he is going to give us 4500 sq feet. he said he'll put it on extra thick! Yay... we talked to him about preparing our soil for the hydroseed. he gave me the name and phone number of a kid who could "till" the dirt.

This kid made his own's a Metal mesh type piece that has a 2x4 board attached to it. Then he hammered in tons of really long nails and screws to it so they poked out the bottom. He attached the whole thing to his 4-wheeler (they call it a Quad), put weights on it to push it down and around and around he went in our yard--for almost 2 hours! It took out all the weeds and loosened up about an inch or so of our rock hard dirt! It was really inventive!

His mom helped by watering the dirt--made it looser and made it so there was less dust flying around!

The kids would run out and grab the big rocks. Then I let Ashleigh and her friend Halie pick rocks that were bigger than 2" for a pay job. They made $0.05 per rock. Halie made $2.10 and Ash made $2.

The end result! Looks pretty good!

While they were working I came inside to get out of the heat and sat in my desk chair. Apparently I was a little butt print was left on the chair! Lol....

Hydroseed guy is coming today....that will be part 3 of 3. :-)

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