Saturday, November 7, 2009

Birthday gifts and party

On Thursday, Randy and Juli came over to give Ash her birthday gifts. I can't even tell you how excited Ash was ALL day to get her presents! After all, at 7 years old, gifts are the most important thing about a birthday. :-)

Her favorite thing was the airbrush color wonder art kit. She played with it the whole evening and painted us lot of pictures. Preston kept trying to use it's so hard to understand that this is HER birthday, not his! THANKS Gma and Gpa Call!! :)

My parents came over the next day (friday) to take Ash on a date to buy her present and get some dinner at Betos. Yum!

Preston and Ashleigh have been playing the tea set every day since she got it....they LOVE IT and Ash painted her wood clock last night. She did a great job.

Then we had a small family party, and Ash got some more great gifts.

And the "best" present of all--a new 2-wheeled scooter! :)

Then we had cake, cupcakes, blueberry muffins, and a veggie platter with Ranch dip.

And we all visited while the kids played. It was a great party and plenty of fun.

I can't believe my daughter is 7 years old!


Patrick and Emily said...

Happy Birthday Ashleigh! Lookin good, Meg!!!

Josh n Betsie said...

i can't believe she is 7. You look awesome megan