Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday randoms

This is what happens when you have a big sister who likes to paint fingernails...sigh...Preston insisted on having her paint his nails too. so pretty!

Then he smudged them....look how upset he got! sheesh...what a "girl". Lol

It's a rarity to see Preston eating anything healthy, so I figured I should take pictures to capture this event.

When I came downstairs this morning I found a letter in my purse that Ashleigh snuck in there. It's a letter to Santa. isn't that cute. :) I'll open it tonight after she goes to bed to see what she asked for. Can't believe Christmas will be here in 1 month! wow!


Tamsen said...

M has written 5 letters to Santa so far, each subsequent one gets longer with wishes. So cute! What is Ash wishing for?

arah said...

Hey Megan,
did Ashleigh ever get the package Brinley sent? I just wan to make sure it made it.