Monday, November 30, 2009

Today was one of those days where everything pretty much goes smoothly. I am really grateful for that cause Nick worked a 12 hour shift today so I was "single parenting" it (If you count his drive time, he will have been gone for 14 hours today!). I took Preston grocery shopping and shopping for stocking stuffers, then after we got Ash from school, she had ballet while I ran a couple more errands. When we got home tonight the kids were GREAT...they both helped me clean the main floor of our house, Ash got her homework done quickly and then we all just played, and made some yummy treats. Ash painted my fingernails, she and Preston played trains, etc. It was just a really nice, fun, relaxing, enjoyable day. I LOVE days like today!

Preston laying on the kitchen floor pretending to do a Snow Angel

Preston hugging Ashleigh---he REALLY loves his big sister!

Candid Pic of both kids

Ash posing for the camera. Cute!

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