Saturday, November 14, 2009

"Journal entry"

So, here's the story....

TJ was hired as our Front End Assistant Manager in August. She is in charge of creating our schedules each week. My availability has always been limited because of Nick's long hours at work, and because I have kids and I wanted to spend as few hours away from them as possible. I have been working nights at Wal-mart for almost 2 years! My schedules have changed here and there, but basically I would start my shift at 9pm and work until 3am. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Our work schedules are done 3-4 weeks in advance, so when she got hired, my schedule was already set for the next month. BUT, once those schedules were done, I noticed my NAME wasn't even on the schedules anymore!

After talking to her (and pleading for hours to work) she told me that she will ONLY work with my availability if I work EVERY Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. OR, she will be totally fine with me transfering stores, OR I can quit! (seriously, she said this to me!) I told her I would let her know--which I never did!

My assistant managers overnights allowed me to work my "normal" hours, as many nights as I wanted. Each week I felt like I was inching my way out the if TJ found out how many hours I was working, she would fire me!

Almost immediately, I submitted transfers to 3 different stores--Saratoga Springs Wal-mart, South Jordan Wal-mart, and South Jordan Sam's Club. I was REALLY hoping I would get the Saratoga Springs Wal-mart job because it is literally 5 min from my house (save on gas $$ and travel time), but they were VERY scattered over there and I was told flat out that they are only hiring for Temps right now for the holidays! So, I moved on to the next store. I was more proactive this time around. I found out the store manager's name at the South Jordan Sam's Club and sent him an email from work. He called me 2 days later and told me he is REALLY interested in having me join their store and could I start the next week--which was November 1? I told him I can start as soon as my store manager would approve my transfer. My store manager dug his heels in for almost 2 weeks, but finally I got an email back from Jeff--my NEW store manager telling me that the transfer was approved and to come in to finalize everything!

I went in yesterday--November 13 to accept the job offer, meet some of my new associates, and get on the schedule for the next 2 weeks. ALL of the people were SO nice and warm and welcoming! It's a strange store to work in, after being at Wal-mart so long, but I feel right at home there! Technically, I am a cashier--and will be for about a month--so that I can get the lay of the land-so to speak, and learn everything I can to move back up to my manager position.

I went to my "old" store after going to my new store to say good bye to the friends I've made there! Oh man, was that emotional! I saw Glenise, Martin, Tiffany, Paul, Vahid, Juan, and most importantly, Becky! Becky is the first person I met when I was trying to transfer from the Murray store to the Riverton store. She welcomed me with open arms, and made me feel like I was a part of her little family. I heard her tell me on many occasions that I remind her of her little sister. We've been to Girls Night Out together, we always had fun at work together! She is a sweet, kind hearted, genuine, and a caring person and I feel SO blessed to have met her! She is the person I will miss most of all! I have to go back to the Riverton store this coming thursday to get something to an old associate there, and then I'll have the chance to say good bye to the other half of my group of friends--Alma, Saane, Nesse, Lisa, Mandy, Kevin, Doug, Sarah, Barbara, Rita, Matt, Jennifer (another favorite), Lyle, Isaac, Tualagi, and all the overnight stockers. And, I want to see Store Manager Scott to thank him for hiring a B**** like TJ, which has made it necessary for me to find another job! (Literally, I hear at least a dozen complaints on a weekly basis about how TJ has screwed up someone's schedule! I am not the only one!)

I am finding that there are WAY more positives than negatives to my working at Sam's club... none of which I will list here, except that I don't have to work nights any more!!! I can go to bed at a decent hour, wake up in the AM, not the PM, and I don't have to fight anyone about my hours any more! I am SO excited about that... However, I tried to make a fresh start today, ya know, go to bed "early" and wake up "early", but my body is so used to the opposite that I ended up tossing and turning for over an hour before I finally fell asleep at 3am, and instead of waking up at 9:30am like I had hoped, I didn't wake up (and get up) until just before Noon! ugh.

Now for my new schedule....(this will change depending on if Nick gets the Geico job, or if he changes to swing shift) For now, Nick works Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday--10 hr shifts. So, since Sam's club is not open over night like Wal-mart was, my only options are to work on his days off--so I will be working Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday--8 hr shifts. It's been more than a year since I worked more than 5 1/2 hour shifts, so it will be different--AND, working day will be different too. but I am SO excited for the change and new challenges! I think this will be a good thing. :)

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