Sunday, April 11, 2010


We got to go to Teriesa's baptism on Saturday. It was nice to be with all the family and especially
to see Grandma Ballard and Uncle Ron who came in from Elko for the special event.

Kevin and Teriesa before the baptism

Girl cousins
Ashleigh, Teriesa, Maura
(wished Bridget were there!)

Proud grandparents and Teriesa

Preston loves hitching a ride on Todd's scooter.

My adorable nephew Nathan. HeeHee

After the baptism....
Ashleigh, Maura, Nathan, Ethan, Sheridan (in seat order)

Braeden, Amelia, Ashleigh, Maura, and Nathan

The whole group who came to support Teriesa

Kevin (proud daddy!), and Teriesa after the baptism
Proud mommy and Teriesa
Jana made the dress....isn't it beautiful =-)

Before we left, Preston hitched another ride from Todd....look at that spread eagle! sheesh!

Then we all went to Teriesa's house for fruit and french toast with the most amazingly yummy
buttermilk syrup! We enjoyed visiting and eating.....

My dad and me. :)

Then Jana's Grandpa showed us his "Obama money" just HAD to take pictures of it!

My mom always embroiders a blanket (representing the Holy Ghost) and gives
it to their grandchild who got baptized. This is Teriesa's. Pretty, huh?! :)

Amelia, Nathan, Cooper, Braeden, "great big Grandma" Ballard, Maura (in front), Teriesa, Ethan,
and Sheridan. (Sunday picture)

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Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Glad some of my pics were used for your blogspot and worked well. I liked the baptism write up but CRINGED at the write up about poor Preston's finger. I have TOO many memories of that for me so was "feeling" his pain for sure! Poor little guy. Give him a love for me. I worked 8 to 6 today - VERY tired - didn't get home til 7:30 - and no time to call today. Sorry. Love, mom