Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Construction joys and woes

We live out in basically the middle of nowhere...there is only 2 roads to get out of our
neighborhood to get to town. (I drew a picture to help you understand what I'm talking
about,but I can't get it to load on here...dang it!) 1 road is "new", and adds about 10 min to our
time getting from our house to town. The other road is the one we usually use...it's an annoying
bumpy windy road, but it's basically a "strait" shot to town. From our house using the windy
road it takes me about 4 minutes to get Ashleigh to school. BUT....on the 12th the city started
construction on our windy road--repaving it, and adding another road off it to make a
direct/strait road to town! YAY, no more windy road!!! once it's done it will be great, but for
now, it SUCKS!!!!!! This morning it took me almost 30 minutes to get to Ashleigh's school! There
was an accident in the road, which didn't help matters, but still....

This picture is of the road right by our house--the beginning of the windy road it's blocked off and
all torn up! bummer.

This is the other end of the windy road at the turn for Ashleigh's school... Its all torn up too!
bummer. They are widening it and repaving it. Yipee!

More construction pics....

This is the traffic jam I had to deal with taking ash to school....took me 11 minutes to go about half
a mile!!! Looked a lot better on my way home!

Here's the accident that was also holding up traffic too....

Later in the day I heard really loud rain outside so I went to check and saw fairly big hail coming
down really hard! it was loud!!!

This is an odd picture, sorry....but the entire sky was dark, grey, dreary except for in 1 spot
where the sun was shining through--the whole sun! It was creepy, but really pretty!

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