Thursday, April 22, 2010


We had the most AMAZING thunder-lightning-hail-rain storm yesterday. It started so suddenly! Preston come home from playing for a quick minute to tell me he was playing at his friends house and behind him the sky looked very brights and very dark all at the same time--looked like a storm coming in. About 5 min later I looked out our front door in time to see Preston's little red bike rolling in to the street from the strong wind. I ran out to get it and bring in the other bikes just as the rain started. I got them put away and ran inside to get my camera and by the time I got back outside it had started to hail--HARD! I took some pictures and a couple videos. The whole storm lasted only 15 minutes, but wow, it was amazing! (Preston took cover at his friends house which resulted in puffy eyes and hives from their dogs...sigh)

Just before the storm hit---dark and bright skies!

Storm rolling in--on the right side you can see the hail/rain coming down--about 2 miles away from my house
South view

Another shot of the hail/rain coming down less than a mile away
South view

Please ignore the crazy person talking in the videos....I need to remember to keep my mouth shut!

Towards the end of the storm
Front yard

End of the storm--dime size hail :-)
Front yard


Tamsen said...

I love the pictures of the storm coming in! Wow.

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

Yep, and I was on Hwy 215 at the time - dime size hail VERY hard - and ALL the cars stopped where they were (all lanes) and turned on their hazard lights! It is VERY noisy to be inside a car when the hail is hitting it so hard!! I was surprised I didn't have dents! We were there about 15 minutes before it stopped and traffic could resume. Not fun.