Saturday, April 10, 2010

church activity

Juli invited me and Ashleigh (and Quinn) to a Relief Society activity. They had 4 stations--
quilting, learn how to make chocolates, a "get to know you" game, and making flower hair clips.
We went to make hair clips first...and spent most of our time there. That was a lot of fun and they
were SO easy to will make me think twice before spending $5 to buy one when I know I
can make them a lot easier! between us all, we made probably 8 of them in about 20 minutes!

The back of Ashleigh's hair....

We all had to wear one of our masterpiece hair flowers the rest of the night

We did some "get to know you", and I found out that Quinn and I know each other about the
same, but I don't know Juli at all! And, Juli knows Ashleigh better than me. Whatever! lol. It was

We also went to the chocolate making "class". We thought we would be making chocolates,
instead, this lady just told us how she does it, and had samples for everyone there. Not exactly
the most interesting class, but the whole thing was fun anyway.

Plus, what's more fun than eating chocolate!? :)
thanks for the invite, mom Call. We had fun! :-)

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