Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I think I enjoy holidays as the parent rather than the child! It's so much fun to set things up and
see our kids faces when they see what the "Easter bunny" or "Santa Claus" or "the Tooth Fairy"
etc. has done for them. It's awesome!

Nick and I set up the kids bunny trail from their rooms to their baskets.

....And had to take a picture of us...we were really tired.

the next morning the kids woke us up and told us that the Easter bunny had come....

They picked up all their bunny tracks (Jelly beans)

...And finally got their baskets. :)

I took Ashleigh to see a movie in the afternoon as a mommy-daughter date, and since it was
Sunday we knew the theater would be pretty empty. We were right. It was fun! :)

Later that day we went to Nick's parents house for dinner and the egg hunt. We had a LOT of

Ash had no problem getting hers, but Preston needed some guidance. He would get focused on
an egg like 20 feet away and go get it, leaving about a dozen eggs on the ground along the way.
It was hilarious!

Look at all that candy!!!!! WOW!
It was a fun Easter, very low key and relaxed which we love! :)

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