Monday, April 12, 2010

Preston's Accident

On Sunday I was working out...ran on the treadmill then was doing an exercise video. Preston
was working out with me for a bit then ran off to play. About 10 min later Nick and I hear an ear
piercing scream and look over to see Preston with his finger in the treadmill (while it was going!)
Nick got to him before I could and pulled his finger out. (Right pointer finger). Preston was
crying, but Nick didn't request my help right away so I kept exercising. A few minutes later Nick
yells for me. When I got to him he says "I don't know what to do????" I took Preston and
examined his finger. The treadmill had pulled up a whole bunch of layers of his skin (his finger
print was pulled clear off) OWIE! I ran up to change (I was sweaty, it was gross!) and took him
to urgency care. They were wonderful with him!!! Preston, in spite of his pain, kept his sense of
humor--the receptionist asked me his name. I said "Preston Call" and Preston chimed in and
said "No mom, my name is Preston ADAM Call and I'm 3!". It was so cute! My sweet boy.

The (male) nurse came out and gave Preston some Ibuprofen and some thick numbing solution
to put his finger in. This picture is after about 5 min in the's making the extra skin
"die" and get soft so they can cut it off.

Me and my sweet sad boy
We both look bad!

Yay! A happy boy again! :) After the numbing solution they did a cleaning solution bath for his
finger. And they gave him some juice.

After the cleaning solution

The doctor came in and cut off the extra skin. Preston got scared when he saw the scissors and
thought they were going to cut off his whole finger! I told him that I would beat up the doctor if
she tried.

They treated the cut like a 2nd degree burn and wrapped it in what they call a "bulky bandage"
(amazing how they put those things on!)
And then they wrapped it in neon green to "make it look cool". He looked like E.T. lol. he was
supposed to keep it on for 2 days, but when he woke up Monday morning it was already off--fell
off during the night. I was able to wrap it back up as best as I could....we'll see how long it holds.
My boy was so brave and I'm so proud of him! There will be NO more playing with/on the
treadmill for either of our kids anymore!