Friday, June 18, 2010

Body Wrap

I had a recommendation from a fellow blogger in Utah to get this body wrap that she gets. As far as I understand it, they wrap your chest/waist/hips/legs/arms with these gel things and infrared heat penetrates through the wrap deeper than other methods and "melts" the fat cells and gets it back in the blood raises your metabolism and you end up burning like 2400 calories in 1 session.

Apparently it's good for relieving pains, arthritis, relieving stress, losing weight, etc. The girl at the office where I had it done told me that 1 lady is on her 5th visit and has already lost 10 lbs! She said another lady has had a few visits-don't remember how many she said-and that ladies arthritis is gone! It all sounded so good! Maybe over time it would have some great benefits, but I went once and I HATED it!!!

The first 10 min were just fine--it wasn't too hot, etc....but then it got really really hot on my ribs so I had them put a towel between the wrap and me. Then they finally turned on the fan for me. But they gave me a thing called CVS--it's a meditation listening device and these flashing glasses you wear that stimulate what your brain goes thru just before you fall asleep....or something like that. It was SO annoying to me! I took it off after 20 min. I was sweating and I was so uncomfortable and so claustrophobic in the tiny little room and I just didn't like it at all!!! I was SO happy when my 50 min session was done! It was torture and felt more like a 2 hour session instead!!!

It's funny because this other blogger friend absolutely LOVES getting her body wrap and says she feels rejuvenated and energized and more focused afterward. She swears up and down about how great it is! It's amazing how 2 people can have such an extreme difference of opinion on the same thing!

All I have to say is I'm glad my session was free, cause I will never do it again! (especially considering it really costs $89/session--or $399 for 10 sessions!) Sheesh!


Patrick and Emily said...

2 lbs? Probably just water weight from sweating so much, right? Fun picture. :)

Nick and Meg said...

That's what I figure--water weight....I would guess over time with the metabolism so high you'd lose actual weight too. I only lost 0.4 lbs from it.