Friday, June 18, 2010


Ashleigh has 2 really good friends in the neighborhood--Jasna and Hailie. They are both a year younger than Ashleigh, but the same age as each other. Last summer, Hailie was SO annoying! She drove me nuts and I hated when Ash played with her. This summer, however, it's opposite. I LOVE having Hailie around. She and Ash always play well together! Jasna has become the annoying one this year! She tattles constantly, she's nosey, she gets mad if she doesn't get her way, etc.... Funny how things change so much in just 1 year. One of these years I would hope they could just all get along together!

Here's a pic of Ashleigh and Hailie. :)


Patrick and Emily said...

Cute! Wow, Ashleigh is SO gorgeous! Funny how she looks like a brunette you... so pretty.

Bridget had her last day of school yesterday. I'm nervous for summer because we have friend drama too. Bridget and Avery's little friend who is 4 1/2 is a bit of a "mean girl". Except the problem isn't so much her as it is Bridget. When the friend is mean, Avery just says "I don't want to play with you" and it sort of teaches the little girl that if she treats Avery that way, she won't have her to play with. Unfortunately, Bridget is so desperate to play that she lets herself get bullied and bossed around by a girl 2 YEARS YOUNGER than her! ugh. She's too insecure to stick up for herself so just ends up crying to me. She didn't have this problem in Kindergarten--great friends, no problems. But I think the problem is that this girl sometimes is the only one to play with, so she puts up with it. I feel like I need to spend the summer away from home to keep her occupied so she doesn't "have to" play with this girl. If you, Tamsen, Jana or Mom read this and have any suggestions I'd love some advice! :)

Nick and Meg said...

Thanks Em! thats seems to be the comment I hear most--that Ash is a brunette me. :-) I think Ash is so pretty, so I take that as a huge compliment. :)

1 month til we see you...SO excited!! What date do you actually arrive??? could we have Bridget over for a sleepover when you get here?

Tamsen said...

Haha, Em, you might as well have put my B's name on your comment! That's exactly what B went through, with me trying to figure out what to do. (E was like Avery: OK, if you're mean, I'm done playing!). Fortunately, there were other friends I could direct B to, to try & teach him. I would suggest to you that as a "reward" for Bridget standing up for herself, you all go do something fun together. That way, if she rejects a mean friend, she knows she won't just be sitting around the house with no one else to be with/ no fun to do.

That's my only advice. Sorry to hear she's got this problem!!

Meg, little girls perplex me. How can they change so much from one year to the next? I have to say that the one "mean girl" in our neighborhood is moving *smile* and all the rest seem to be as even-tempered as M. Thank goodness!!