Friday, June 25, 2010

Preston's first kiss....

Preston and his friend Natalia came over today for a few minutes. Natalia told me that Preston kissed "KayKay" today right on the lips! here's what I remember of our conversation:

Me: Preston, did you kiss a girl today?
Preston: Nodded
Me to Natalia: Did Preston kiss you too?
Natalia: No.
Me: Do you want Preston to kiss you?
Natalia: No.
Then a few min later....
Natalia: Megan, do you know what?
Me: What hon?
Natalia: I wish Preston would kiss me on the lips too. I like Preston.

AHHHHHHHH.....all this time I was worried about Ashleigh because she's so beautiful...ya know, as parents, we worry about our daughters...but instead, I should have been keeping an eye on Preston this whole time. What a little womanizer! ;-)

UPDATE: Preston ALSO kissed Natalia on the lips later in the evening...sigh...we need to keep a tighter leash on that boy!!!


Patrick and Emily said...

Make sure you let Preston know that Avery is his cousin before we visit.....LOL.

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

I agree with Emily's comment - what a character!

Anonymous said...

So, does he take after his mom or dad? I am pretty sure all Nick was interested in at that age is Big Wheels and cars.