Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Health and Wellness Fair

I took the kids today to one of the many events our little town is hosting this week for Pony Express Days. We went to the Health and Wellness Fair. It my favorite part of the whole week cause it's fun for the kids but more fun for the parents (in my opinion). It's free, we get LOTS of free stuff--including food, and we get to see some pretty neat things. :-) This is my favorite week of the whole summer! :)

Here is Ash enjoying her free Hot Dog. yum!

After we visited all the booths--including getting my cholesterol and glucose levels checked--both well with in the bounds of normal, we went to the petting zoo.... we pet a baby cow, some chickens, a few goats, and some dogs.

Then we went to ride the ponies (but it cost money, so we passed) and saw this Air Med helicopter arrive....
So of course, we had to go see it. Preston did NOT want to leave. He LOVES helicopters!

After I was able to pull him away, we went to see part of the reptile show. This lady next to me kept talking-LOUDLY-so I couldn't hear the announcer very well, but it was still neat to see some of the animals.

He has some sort of lizard in his hand

And an 8' boa constrictor
We also saw hissing cockroaches, a hedge hog, and a lemur. Then Preston was getting grumpy and I was getting hungry, so we went home. It was a fun fun fun day!!!

The rest of our week will consist of a carnival, a parade, a movie in the park, a concert with Tracey Lawrence and fireworks, and a helicopter ride. :) I LOVE Pony Express Days. :)

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