Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

We had such a fun memorial day!!! I got to sleep in (thanks to my 2 wonderful kids who can fend for themselves for a few hours in the mornings!), and then the kids and I went to Tamsen's house for lunch and visiting. Nick has to work til 2pm, but joined us afterward and finally got to meet baby Tyler. :)

What a feast!!!

Tamsen's family got 7 baby chickens so all the cousins got to hold them, and pet them...and some of the kids even tried to scare them. :-(
I LOVE Amelia's face here looking at the chicks.

Preston wanted to hold one then got scared and would only pet it if someone else held it.
Ashleigh loved holding one--this one fell asleep in her hands. (his name is Trump, I think)
My nephew Nathan and another baby chick.
Nick getting his first look at baby Tyler. SO cute!!!

Later the kids (and willing parents) went out to play Fruit Basket Tipped Over. Apparently, they all wanted to be in the middle. lol.

Amelia is SO cute--eating her fudgesicle.
After we left Tyler finally woke up! I've only seen him awake once since he was born. I'm sad I missed this!

And the kids with Tamsen played on the tramp0line.

After leaving Tamsen's, we went to meet Nick's parents and went to the Family Fun Night--first of MANY events happening this week in our little town. We didn't stay too long--they advertised that there was all sorts of fun free things to do, but turned out we only got Cotton Candy for free. Everything else, we had to pay to get tickets. bummer. We did get Ashleigh's face painted though....

Then we went to their house for a hamburger BBQ (YUM) and they taught us a new game that was popular in the early 1940's called Wahoo. It's SO much fun!!!

We had a GREAT memorial day. It definitely felt weird not going to put flowers on the graves of our family and loved ones, but the only grave I'd want to go visit is my son, Christian's, in Vancouver, WA. I thought of him constantly during the day as well as all the men and women who are currently serving in our military and who have served in the past. Especially those who gave their lives so I can live! This is a great holiday, a great day of remembrance and a day I wish came around more often than once a year.

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Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

It was a wonderful Memorial Day just 'cause you guys came. Thanks!! I, too, missed going to the graves - hope Emily decorated for us. Love you.