Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cedar Hills Fireworks

Last night we went to my parents house in Cedar Hills to watch the city fireworks. My mom went all out and made so much food! Kevin n Jana brought fruits and veggies and we brought fruit too. It was a lot of food and it was so good!!! We had tons of fun!!!

Kevin, Me, Dad, Todd, Tamsen, and Nick

The kids had fun playing outside in the neighbors yard and play equipment.
Cooper, Preston, Amelia

Best cousin friends
Teriesa, Maura, and Ashleigh

Tamsen and the newest member to our families, my nephew Tyler.

Amelia and Me

Kevin and Nick bonding over funny You-Tube stuff.

Todd, Ashleigh and Maura

Sheridan shooting me

Best cousin friends
Cooper and Preston

Playing in Gma and Gpa's back yard...look at their garden grow!

Tamsen and Tyler hog! ;-) I got a turn soon after this picture was taken. :)

Maura, Teriesa, Ashleigh, and Braeden

Silly faces



My honey and me.
I love him SO much!!!

My beautiful Ashleigh and me.

I didn't know she was going to do a silly face....she just learned how to cross her eyes...silly kid!

Candid of Preston

My adorable little man! Preston and Me

They love each other so much!!!
Preston and Cooper hugging

and then being silly

And even more silly.

Nick, Cooper, and Preston sitting in Gpa's truck.

Tamsen brought out Tyler and the girls wanted to see him.

After we ate and visited for a bit, we all set up our chairs outside and got ready to see the fireworks.

Poor Amelia leaned a little too far back in her chair and fell over backwards. She was quiet for what seemed like a few minutes before actually crying...I think she may have gotten the wind knocked out of her. Poor little girl! (She's in the blue chair)

Amelia and her big brother Cooper

Amelia, Preston, and Cooper---Preston's upset cause he yelled at me so I had to go punish him. That boy has A T T I T U D E!!!
Haha...Maura spilled her water. Her face here is classic.
Braeden, Ethan, Sheridan, and Teriesa--all patiently waiting

I decided while we waited that I needed to get some close up pics (since my camera doesn't take good pictures in the dark from far away)








Tamsen and Me




hahaha, Kevin...I caught him off guard.

That's better. ;-)


and then finally...the fireworks. Not too bad for a city event.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a marvelous time. Your kids are lucky to have so many cousins nearby.

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

OK, LOVED this post but gads take that horrible pic of me off! Yikes! I agree with Juli--isn't it fun having all the cousins nearby? What will Preston do without Cooper (and vice versa) if you move? Love you.

Patrick and Emily said...

Meg, you're lookin' HOT!!