Sunday, June 6, 2010


Long story short....I got a "new car"! Its a 1996 Lexus ES 300. It's black outside and the inside is black leather. My criteria when we were looking for a car was--a camry or similar, leather inside and a V6. I got all 3! :) We got a GREAT deal on it--paid for it with cash! We don't owe anyone for it and it's all ours!!! :) I love it! We just have to wait a bit to save up some more cash to get it licensed and registered and pay all the fees and taxes on it. I can't wait to drive it! :)

Isn't she pretty? I've named her "Lexi". :)


Patrick and Emily said...

I'll bet it's nice not having a mini-van anymore, huh! Cute car!

Unknown said...

It really feels great when you buy a new car and you get to pay for it in cash. I remember buying my 2003 Lexus with my hard-earned pay check and, boy, I was beaming for weeks because it was such a big accomplishment! I’m so glad that you got all the specs you wanted. I’m sure it’s still running great. =)

Prince Moss

Unknown said...

Others may consider your car way out of style, especially when you compare it with the other Lexus cars we have in the market these days. But that doesn't matter because it's what your family prefers. And I like the idea that you bought it with your own money. At least you can fully enjoy driving it without having to worry nerve-wracking issues about car payments.

Basil Glenn @ Lexus Of Lansing