Sunday, June 22, 2008

Date night! Woo Hoo!

We decided to go on a date--first one in a VERY long time (except for temple night of our reunion). Kevin and Jana were so sweet to watch our kids for us so we could go.

Here is our date car...Nick bought himself a new Toyota Supra in March and we've used it mainly for dates, the occasional trip to the store, or just to cruise around.

Taking the kids to Kev and Jana's...they LOVE to sit in the back. It's got great bucket seats so it's like a car seat in a seat.

Just before we left for our date the power went out at our house--soon we found out that the whole neighborhood was out and as we were driving we saw smoke from a fire that we think affected the whole mountain--no one had power. The fire was probably a mile behind Kev and Jana's house.

After we dropped off the kids.... the fun begins! :) We went to see Get Smart at the theater. It was a hilarious movie, and oh man, it was so nice to be able to watch a movie and snuggle with out having children around.....

The whole street was filled with flags. I LOVE seeing the flags!

After the movie we got Cafe Rio. YUMMY. We picked up the kids, got them to bed and had our dinner. It was a GREAT date!
Ashleigh fell asleep pretty quickly--she was so pretty sleeping, I just had to take a picture!

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