Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun time with cousins

We watched Kevin and Jana's kids for a bit while they went to a church meeting. This is Cooper and Preston...Cooper is 9 months older and so loving to Preston!


Pretty much as soon as the kids arrived Sheridan asked if he could play X-box with Nick so off they went. I was sure glad they included Nathan--they both had so much fun! I think it gives him a glimpse in to life with Preston as he gets older.


We asked Teriesa to sleep over with Ashleigh and the next morning I took the kids to this new place called Jump On It. It's an indoor trampoline and fun house place for kids/young adults. This room that the girls are playing in has 14 trampolines all together for them to play in.

Of course-my son insists on playing basketball. The hoop was about 15 feet above the ground--ha ha it sure was funny watching him try to throw the ball up there.
Preston sure was upset when it was time to go...I'll have to take the kids there again later this week-it was Awesome!

I didn't get pictures from the rest of the day, but I took the kids to Snoasis after this place. YUMMY. We had lots of fun!!!

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Laur said...

OMG where is that trampoline place I HAVE to take Conner there!
Wanna go?