Thursday, June 5, 2008

Do we still live in the Ghetto?

Emily's first night here and I heard this noise outside so I went out to look-I see 3 police cars/trucks. I saw my next door neighbor so I went and asked her if she was ok--she told me that her son graduated from high school today and that her live-in boyfriend punched him in the face. I replied with-I hope you are kicking him out! She said-she is now, it's not the first time the boyfriend hurt her son-the first time he strangled him. Scary! That was all I got out of her before the cops swooped her away to talk to her. Nick told me later that they did take the boyfriend away in handcuffs. I heard her talking on the phone today and telling whoever she was talking to--probably her boyfriend-to "come and get your stuff today"!
Nick and I looked at each other while we were watching the cops question our neighbor and said--hey, I thought we moved out of the ghetto!?! ha ha. It made for an interesting night...

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arah said...

Nice...real nice.