Thursday, June 5, 2008

Getting my sister Emily

My sister Emily and her girls-Bridget and Avery arrived on Tuesday. We're having a family reunion once my parents get home from their mission. Ashleigh was SO excited to see Bridget again and could barely contain her excitement,

they hugged and held hands and were "best friends" until we got in the van at the airport...then the tattling and fighting began! What's that, only 5 min later? sheesh! They have been fighting on and off this whole time! It's really pretty annoying, but when they do get along, its so nice to see!


It'll be good to get everyone together again, and I'll be sure sad to see them go on Monday.....

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arah said...

I bet you guys are so excited to have your parents back. Are they living in Utah?
Oh...Brinley happens to be wearing her overalls today.