Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Friday night-games

One thing I've always loved about my family....once the kids go to bed, the adults stay up and play tons of games. Because it was such a late night we only got to play one game tonight, but it was fun anyway.

My mom and dad (and part of my face)...see how much fun my dad is having? ;-)

Poor Tamsen, she was down wind from a fart and had to try to protect her nose from the smell! ha ha!

My brother Ryan and sis-in-law Sara....Sara conked out pretty early on, but Ryan just kept having fun and laughing at everything.

Nick-playing the game and lounging back. That's a very comfy chair!

After the games and most everyone went to bed, I caught a picture of my sisters deep in conversation. This was a pretty perfect day!

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