Monday, June 23, 2008

Scary/Sad day in Utah

Long story short---I was on my way to get my parents when I see a helicopter going back and forth in the sky--when I look ahead I see at least a dozen police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, news vehicles, etc. I was trying to guess what was going on... Later my dad heard on the news what had happened...apparently a lady was driving erratically on Main street in Lehi, a cop pulled her over and she shot him in the head (he is in critical condition). Other cops came and after a scuffle or something they shot her dead in the street. WOAH!!! Talk about a crazy thing to have happen around here!

I took this picture while I was driving so you can't really see what's happening, but all the cars you see are stopped--no one can go anywhere on that street and beyond those cars are where the police cars, etc are and the roads are blocked! Dang it-wish I had gotten a better picture!

Ok, here's the news story I got from

A traffic stop in Lehi ends with a shoot-out, leaving one person dead and an officer critically injured. We understand that the officer is out of surgery and said to be in improving condition.

Lehi police got a call of a suspicious car on Main street at 8:46 a.m. A Lehi police officer, only identified as a veteran in the department, made the traffic stop. But that's when the situation turned violent, as the woman pulled a gun and fired two shots at the officer.

Lehi police Sgt. Darren Paul said, "As the officer was engaged in conversation, the driver of the Accord produced a revolver, shot two times at the officer, striking him in the head. Backup officers arrived shortly after the stop was made and were able to return fire. The female subsequently died on the scene. The officer is listed in critical condition at this time. He is with his family, and we are optimistic and hopeful for a full recovery."

The officer was treated at the scene and then taken by medical helicopter to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

We don't know a lot about the suspect other than she was driving a Honda Accord with license plates from Washington State. Witnesses say the officers fired several shots at her and she was killed.

Lehi Main street, just east of I-15, remains closed and likely will be closed for several more hours, as a special team of investigators from Utah County conduct an independent investigation of what happened here.

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