Monday, June 23, 2008

More pictures of new baby Amelia

Ashleigh is very infatuated with Amelia. She is very loving and gentle-just as she was when Preston was born. It's so sweet!

Preston got a chance to hold Amelia too--I was worried though cause Preston likes to poke babies eyes, but he did good and seemed very interested in her and in how little she is.

Poor little girl--kept getting blinded by all the flashes going off in her eyes.

Amelia was so content after nursing---I love the little drugged out look they get after nursing! My mom was in heaven---Amelia's middle name is my mom's name-Suzanne!

Ah, so sweet! cute cute!

Ashleigh holding Amelia...she is so in love!

I love the looks on their faces--having a new baby is such a special time! I love the family bonding that comes from it!

How Preston entertains himself...putting a bug net over his head. Such a crazy/silly boy!

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arah said...

i left you comments yesterday and noticed not 1 stuck. i will have to write them all over again, but I will have to do it later. I have to take some food to a funeral.