Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Other reunion pictures

These are some other pictures from our reunion from my mom's camera... Enjoy!

After the temple we took a family picture...Top row-L to R--Kevin, Uncle Ron, Ryan, Todd, Nick, Patrick
Bottom row-L to R--Suzanne/Mom, Jana, Grandma Ballard, Sara, Tamsen, Megan, Emily, Russ/Dad

This is the gift we got for my parents as a welcome home gift--it's the Oklahoma City OK temple-it's inscribed--Russ and Suzanne Ballard
2006-2008 mission

Making our Brazilian feast for Sunday dinner--YUM YUM YUM

Sorry, it's sideways--Nick and Ashleigh at FHE on Sunday

We started the FHE with a musical number--Nick on Cello, Braeden on Violin, and you can't see, but Sara was playing the flute, and Jana was playing the piano. All the grandkids sang along too. It was VERY emotional and spiritual and they all did an amazing job!!!

Between pictures--just hanging out having fun!

Preston and Cooper playing together--they get along so well!!!

All gathered around at FHE--listening to Mom and dad Ballard answering questions about their mission.

Saturday--Ashleigh fishing with Nick. We bought Ash a Sponge Bob Square Pants fishing pole.

Grandma Ballard at Chuck a Rama. So glad she could join us!!! :)

The girl cousins all together fishing. :)
Maura, Ashleigh, Teriesa, and Bridget

The girl cousins playing at the Pettersons
Top to bottom--Bridget, Teriesa, Ashleigh, and Maura

Bridget and Ashleigh doing makeup with Grandma--SO much fun!

Nick and I at Chuch a Rama...we had so much fun!

Bonding time with Grandma--they sat together for about an hour just listening to grandma tell stories about their parents and about them that the kids may not know or may not remember. They were intrigued--very interested!
L to R--Talon, Bridget, Mom/Suzanne, Ashleigh

Oops, this one got in there twice......and I can't seem to delete it. oh-well.

FHE on Sunday was really emotional....I just couldn't contain myself and started to cry....below is my brother Kevin.

See? it was emotional---My mom is crying too....such a spiritual experience! :)


Tracer said...

It looks like it was a huge success and tons of fun with lots of family bonding. Thanks for sharing all the photos and comments. I loved it all. We will miss you guys.

Laur said...

looks like so much fun