Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I knew that moving way out here to Eagle Mountain would result in our having a few spiders now and then. I prepared myself for that fact. As soon as we had a warm day, they started to emerge and we saw 3 or 4 a week in our house. They are all the same kind of spider---which I'm not sure what that is, but I have been told by our neighbors that they are not dangerous. In my opinion, if they want to hang out outside that's great, but as soon as they enter my house they DIE! The other problem is they are basically the same color as our carpet so unless they are moving, it's pretty easy to miss them. (However, those close to me know that I can spot a spider pretty much anywhere-and in any lighting--it's a gift!)

Here's our story...

Last night Ash and I came home from shopping at Wal-mart and I spotted one of these annoying spiders on the step outside our garage entry door--I threw out my drink and trapped it under that cup. I called Nick outside to help me get it in to a tupperwear so I could "save" it to show the guy who sprays our house--his spray is obviously not working since these critters are still alive and coming in our house. After some maneuvering we got it in a container and started getting a closer look. We decided that it resembles a wolf spider, but there are some differences, so I don't think it is the deadly wolf spider.

Anyway, I didn't know where to keep it--I surely don't want a spider hanging out on my counter, even if it is in a container, so Ash suggested that we FREEZE it! Ha ha...I was so proud last night...So, we stuck the yukky spider in the freezer. After about 20 min I checked in on him and I am happy to report that he was freezing nicely. I am calling the insect guy today to respray again and after a lot of searching online last night, we were able to find other things that we could buy that would get rid of them so I am going on a shopping spree today. I am very excited.

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arah said...

i would freak out if I saw those in my house. Brinley and I both HATE spiders and those look big.
did you get the problem fixed?