Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hannah Montana...the movie

Nick took the day off work (he worked from home instead) and took Ashleigh on a date to see the Hannah Montana movie. I love that he took time out of his busy work days to take her on a daddy-daughter date and remind her how much he loves her! he is such a great dad!

They went to the theater in Lehi at Thanksgiving point...the first showing of the day. And they had the WHOLE theater to themselves! They were the only ones there! How fun would that be to not have to share a movie with anyone else!?!

They got lots of popcorn

And yummy treats

Then Ash took advantage of the fact that she had the theater to herself and ran around, and danced and sang through out the movie!

the daddy-daughter shot! Ahhh..... I love these two so much!


Nick said...

we are two peas in a pod.. that is for sure.. good thing she got her moms looks though...

Nick and Meg said...

ha Ha...thats true! whew! Lol...J/k