Friday, November 20, 2009

9 years....

2 days ago (November 18), Nick and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary. What an amazing 9 years it's been.

We've had incredible, wonderful, exciting UP's,
We've had horrible, awful, disastrous DOWN's.
But for the most part, we have been happy, secure, comfortable, and lovey.
I can honestly and seriously say that I am MORE in love with Nick today than I have EVER been!

I thought I would put on here a little photo Montague of the past 9 years together (oh, how we have changed!!!):

Nick and I--first time we met--EFY 1996 in Corvallis, OR

Inseparable at EFY 1996

Our wedding day---November 18, 2000
Happiest day of my life!

Our first born
Christian Nicholas Call
August 30, 2001

Our second "first" born
Ashleigh Elizabeth Call
November 5, 2002

Meg, Ash, and Nick at Seattle Mariners game

Bought our first house in Vancouver, WA
October 2004

Nick and Meg

Nick and Meg at a friends wedding

Our third baby
Preston Adam Call
September 14, 2006

Ash (age 4) and Preston (age 3 months)

Nick and Meg
Living in Utah--2008

Meg and Nick
"Picture time"
Sept 2008

Meg and Nick
November 2008

Nick and Meg
Nick's 30th birthday
November 2008

Nick and Meg
(Annoying him) May 2009

Ash, Nick, and Preston
June 2009

Meg, Ash, Nick
Kindergarten Graduation--June 2009

Ash, Meg, Preston
July 2009

Meg and Nick
Halloween party
October 2009
9 years married
13 years together

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Brittany said...

okay, I can't believe I was there with you at that EFY in Corvalis. I remember how the two of you stuck together the whole time... what a great 9 years you've had! Congratulations, Meg!