Saturday, March 19, 2011

Christmas dinner

For Christmas, instead of getting my parents gifts, they prefer that their kids host a meal and invite them to be the "guest of honor". They've already had their meals with my siblings and finally it was our turn to have them over.

I was a little behind schedule when they arrived so I had Ashleigh and Preston entertain them by reading them some books.

Ashleigh had set the table complete with name cards for where everyone was to sit. Then we had our dinner--Tilapia, brown rice, asparagus, home made crescent rolls with butter and jam, and Lemon cake (courtesy of Juli) for dessert. It was all delicious.

After we ate we played a game of Wahoo (I won) and then 4 games of Uno (dad won all 4 games). Then we took a bunch of pictures, we visited a bit and then they left.

It was so nice to have them over and treat them like special guest. Merry Christmas, Mom and dad. Thanks for coming! We love you!!!

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