Saturday, March 5, 2011

A yummy dinner

A few hours after Nick left we went to my mom's house for a Japanese dinner. The food was a little too odd for me (fish balls and oyster sauce), but SO yummy (salad, rice, veggies, noodles)!!! It took me back to the days going to eat at Sakura in Vancouver. YUM!!! dinner was coming to an end, I got a text from Nick saying he was passing thru Twin Falls Idaho so I asked my mom for a map so I could see where it was exactly and see how much longer he had to drive. I saw the map and immediately started crying....sobbing, in fact. I had to leave the table. I hibernated in my mom's tv room and sat in the dark crying and crying and crying...It was an intense, hysterical, and dramatic cry...completely ridiculous!!! I got some comforting words from Betsie and Quinn via Text, and my mom, and then later from Nick. It took me a while--over an hour--but I finally calmed down and by then I was ready to get the kids home and in bed. (it was after 9pm after all)

I wasn't a good dinner guest and I feel awful about that. I'm grateful to my mom and dad and Tamsen for playing with my kids, keeping them occupied, and letting me just be alone and cry. I needed it....

Ashleigh--before going to dinner
I love her shirt....SO true!

Maura and Ashleigh stirring the Japanese Soups. Yum!

Preston refused to eat and just laid on the floor instead. He fell asleep eventually. Here he is waving to daddy for the picture. awww...we all miss daddy!!!!

Thankfully, that night after I got the kids to bed, Nick and I talked/saw each other on skype. I LOVE skype!!! What wonderful technology. I felt SO much better being able to SEE Nick and see his hotel room and just talk to him as tho we are in the same room. I felt immediately better and happier and I had a renewed sense of strength that I really CAN handle things with out him.

I miss him. The kids miss him. but we know this is for the best and that it's a small sacrifice with a big pay off in the end. But ya...that first day was HARD and I was SO sad!!!

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Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

no prob - we all understood. Glad you were able to come over! Love, mom