Saturday, March 5, 2011

Keeping busy.... first full day with out my love...

It was a MUCH easier day for me. Other than waking up to the kids already awake and fighting. So I got the kids busy with chores--we've become lax with the kids chores for the last week or so since we've been so busy getting ready for daddy to leave. Both kids cleaned their rooms, took showers/baths, and cleaned their bathroom. Ashleigh also emptied the dishwasher and Preston cleaned up his toys around the house (minus the family room). I did dishes, laundry, cleaned the kitchen, organized the office desk, cleaned my room and the bathroom toilets.

Once everything was done I took the kids grocery shopping (another thing we've not done lately and definitely NEEDED to do!!) I remembered why I HATE taking Preston shopping with me. Ashleigh was so wonderful as usual, but Preston was a complete pain--tantrums, whining, etc and drove me SO nuts. I was saying the "serenity prayer" just to get thru... I wont take them again unless I absolutely have to. I'll just go shopping after work/before I pick up Preston from who ever is watching him that day.

We got home and I got busy putting the groceries away. I talked to Nick on the phone for a bit and got a few pictures from him that he took in Ontario, OR where he slept the night before.

Then I loaded up the kids and we went to Kevin and Jana's house to help celebrate my nephew Nathan's birthday. It was SO nice to be distracted and busy and see a lot of my family.

We had hot dogs cooked over their fire pit, black bean and corn salsa, and a pasta salad. It was all SO good and I ate a ton. We had good conversations and good company and I really enjoyed myself.

Amelia waving to uncle Nick

Best's going to be HARD to tear these two apart when we move. :-(

Same with these hard to leave them!

The birthday boy, Nathan and Amelia

Happy birthday, Nathan!

Later I went to the basement where the kids all were and watched a few episodes of Phineas and Ferb, and Sean and Sheep on their big projection screen TV.

It was getting late for me so I got the kids and we headed home. Thanks KnJ for the "invite" (ha ha ha) and for the good time. I needed to be busy and I needed the distraction. I appreciate it!!!

Day 2 done...52 days to go... (oh ya, we've whittled it down to 54 days total, not 82 days. YAY!!!)


Annie Whitelaw said...

I feel you pain with the shopping. Just the thought of grocery shopping with Katelyn makes me break out in a cold sweat. The trip always takes so much longer then when I go by myself and she always manages to throw at least one fit.

Russ and Suzanne Ballard said...

How'd you whittle down to 52 days? Huh?

The only pic of me is me YAWNING? Geez. YUKKY. Love you.

Tamsen said...

Hey Meg, email me those pics of us at K&Js. THANKS! Fun night with you! Glad you're coping ok. Let me know about our date to Thai Village, OK?

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY (I know I'm 30 min. early, but I'm going to bed now...)!!!