Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sub Zero

I've had to take the kids with me to run errands since Nick's gone and EVERY time something has gone wrong--the kids are bad, the kids get hurt, etc...makes me CRAZY!!! and I HATE taking them with me!

However, I tried to do it once more...I wrote out my list, planned a couple of "fun" things for the kids along the way and I also gave them incentive to be good. We got ALL our errands done, the kids were GREAT (minus 1 tiny melt down from Preston that he quickly got over when I reminded him of the incentive...). So after we were done we went to the new location of Sub Zero Ice Cream (Main street in Lehi) and I got the kids some ice cream.

This place is awesome!!! They make the ice cream in front of you with liquid Nitrogen. The kids love being able to customize exactly what kind of ice cream they want and seeing it go from liquid to froze in a matter of seconds. Plus they love the "steam" my kids call it...from the liquid nitrogen. And the guy who makes it always puts on a little show for the kids with the smoke. Its awesome!!!

Ashleigh got coconut ice cream with coconut shavings mixed in. Preston got plain milk chocolate, and I got Mocha with chocolate pieces mixed in. They were all really good!

Today we had to go run a couple more errands that I forgot about yesterday, and the kids were good AGAIN! we went back to Sub zero for more ice cream...I'm a sucker. This time Ashleigh got Pumpkin ice cream with cheesecake bits mixed in, Preston got Milk chocolate again but added in Kit Kats...which he decided he didn't like. I got Cake batter with graham cracker mixed in....Ashleigh liked mine a lot and I liked hers, so we switched! :-) YUM!


Tamsen said...

Atta girl, Meg. Make errands fun! With or without a bribe, if you help them enjoy the time, it can be a great experience! :)

Tamsen said...

BTW--LOVE SubZero. I am totally craving it. :) I get the standard chocolate with amaretto and nuts, but I tried mint once and that was excellent! So good.