Friday, March 25, 2011

Out N About

On Wednesday (march 23) Cooper came over in the afternoon to play with Preston and have a sleepover. Since I take Preston to his house on Thursday's so Jana can watch him while I work, I figured this would be a good way for these boys to spend more time together. I'll write about our activities on Wednesday in another post...

Wednesday night, I got the kids to bed, but at 11pm Ashleigh came to me and told me her ear was hurting really bad. It was the same ear that had problems last year and it had actually burst before. I gave her some ear numbing drops and some motrin and got her back to sleep. She woke me at 4am and told me it was still hurting. I gave her more motrin and sent her back to bed and told her that she was going to stay home from school...and I would be calling in "sick" to work. When I woke up at 9am I called and made a dr appt for her at 1130am. By then she told me her ear felt clogged, but felt a lot better. I decided better safe than off we went to the doctor. We brought Cooper and Preston with us and I decided to ask the doctor to check Preston's ear too since he had had an infection only 2 weeks ago and I wanted to make sure it was all better.

Ashleigh's ear had a lot of extra wax in it that they had to move/remove before they could even see ear ear drum! Yup, it's infected. Then he checked Prestons....yup, his is infected too! What the crap! So, I got a Rx for a new bottle of ear numbing drops and both kids got the yummy bubble gum antibiotics.

We then dropped off Cooper and went to run errands. Lunch, bank, Kid-2-kid, Cookie cutters, post office, bank again, etc...

This is our last time getting Preston's hair cut at Cookie Cutter's since we're moving and we're sad to leave our favorite guy, Weston! Preston loves him and he always does a great job on P's hair.

Preston's hair-before...he's been REALLY grumpy lately....

Preston's hair--AFTER....instantly in a good mood! He's like his dad, he gets grumpy when his hair gets too long. I'm glad cause I prefer his hair short anyway. :-)

On our way home, both kids were so tired and they both fell asleep in the car.

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