Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daddy and Preston

Nick's doing great at his old/new job in Portland. It's like riding a bike, he has remembered how to do everything he used to do working there. He loves it and is glad to be back there. He got his first paycheck and he got nearly as much in 1 week as he did in 2 weeks working at Ebay. :-) That sure makes us happy!!!
I love my hubby. He's SO cute!!!

Oregon Metal Slitters
LOTS of coils that he works with on a daily basis!

Here are some more random pics... did I post this one already?

I made turkey bacon for Preston. Yum

This is the way he decided to get dressed the other day. sigh...he's so funny!!!

We were out running errands on Tuesday (Mar 15) and had to stop at the post office. Both kids were being wild and not obeying or listening...I was able to get Ashleigh to obey, but just as I was turning my attention back to Preston, he was playing with the flap where the garbage is under the counter and his finger got caught and scraped off a bunch of skin on his pinky finger. Thankfully, the skin was still attached on one side, so I got the bleeding to stop, pushed the skin back down and put medicine and a bandaid on it. (so glad I had these things in my car!) And then gave him some Motrin for the pain when we got home. I had to cut my errands short, as a result, but my wonderful mama Call came to my rescue and brought me some milk that I needed from the grocery store on her way home from work! :-) Thank You!!

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