Monday, July 14, 2008

Photo's my mom took

The other day we went swimming at my parents. Ash and Preston enjoyed getting fed afterwards. I love this picture of them from behind.

HA HA HA--When we were at Provo Park Preston found this cone and put it on his head. Hilarious.

And then Braeden had to do it too! :)

My dad and Preston

Last weekend my parents asked to have Ashleigh sleep at their house. Mom only sent me 2 pictures, but I know they all had so much fun! Ashleigh's been talking about it ever since--"when I was at grandma and grandpa's......" I love having them so close!


Patrick and Emily said...

Bridget is jealous.

arah said...

that picture of Ash on the bottom looks so much like you. What a cute girl. Preston is hilarious. Of course he would stick a cone on his head, what else is he supposed to do with it? What a goof.